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This will be our very first article which marks our arrival in the scene of KPoP world . We know that many site do not normally post anything about the beginning or such and straight to normal routine , where posting and reporting about news , posting pictures or videos straight away .

Intoduction articles also normally will be forever posted in “about us” page . But in SKPOPnews , we never follows the normal route . We believe in letting our new and potential readers knows what we are about as the most important first thing to do . Just to be honest how many of us like to read “about us” page anyway . Right ?

Our keywords for SKPOPnews include latest kpop news without prejudice , hot photo and viral video , latest released KPOP Music video and juicy gossip and happening in the korean celebrity world . The Halyu World .

In the coming days we will be working on customising our site for the best user experience and please wait for our very official post .

If you happen to stumble upon this article while searching for KPOP in Google , we hope you can bookmark us and share with you friends about us . It is the reader supports that will make us succesfull .Have a very wonderful day and thank you for being here .