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Where to Watch BTS Bon Voyage Season 2 Hawaii

BTS Bon Voyage season 2 Hawaii already premiered in V-App , and the show will have total of 8 full episodes , couples of “behind the camera” and another 1 showcase snippets and memories from the first 8 episodes .

We notice fans were searching on how to watch BTS Bon Voyage Season 2 Hawaii , and we are here to explain that the show is currently only licensed to V-App or known as V-Live .

To watch the show , you will needs to buy coins within the app . To watch all of the episodes will cost 800 coins . Below is the chart for V-Live coins in exchange of US dollars .

V-Live Coins USD Exchange Chart

The show episode list  ( we only list the Full episode and not behind the camera )

  • Episode 1 , Aloha, Hawaii premiered on 27th July  2017
  • Episode 2 , Henna, Turtles, Key Rings
  • Episode 3 , Shouting BTS out in the center of Hawaii
  • Episode 4 , The first helicopter experience of BTS
  • Episode 5 , Mission! Find the lodging
  • Episode 6 , Waikiki’s night is more beautiful than your day.
  • Episode 7 , Enjoy a hula dance
  • Episode 8 , Count one, two, three if you trust

Where to watch all of Bon Voyage Hawaii featuring BTS and advice for BTS fans .

The series is only available in V-Live ( ) if you are online using computer or we guess most users will be more comfortable watching the show in their mobiles . You can download the V-Live app from Google Play .

An advice for fans and A.R.M.Y,

Please be careful when clicking on any links that claim the show is available in their site . Some site will require you to insert phone numbers or other personal details . Online scamming is rampant these days .

On a separate note , we accidentally wrote the wrong date ( 26th ) but the first episode actually premiered on 27th .

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