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Updated Pristin Kyul kyung Profile

Kyul Kyung is a Chinese members from the Girls Group Pristin . Her Visual and singing voice has become a hot topic in China . Especially ever since her performance in Produce I.O.I .

Real Name : Zhou Jie Qiong
Name in Korean : 결경
Name in Chinese : 周洁琼
Date of Birth : December 16, 1998
Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius
Place of Birth : Shanghai China
Hobby : Shopping
Plastic surgery : None that we know as of the time of this article .
Pre-debut TV Shows : Program I.O.I
Other Name of her current Kpop Group : Plediz Girls

More Details about Kyul Kyung

She has a very cute nickname , JUJU . We are not sure who gives the name to her or how it came into play , but that’s what posted in her Vlive account . Aside from JUJU , she was also called China’s Miracle .

Kyul Kung began her journey into KPOP back in 2010 and from there she become a trainee for 5 years before officially debuts . 5 years is actually a standard time for most kpop trainee .

Her mom is very supportive of Kyul Kung k pop career and she puts a huge poster of kyul Kung in her boutique . Her mom own the boutique in Shanghai .

She is a great kid , and very close to her mom . Back when she got her pay after the I.O.I gigs , she gave all the money to her mom .

She can now speak Korean and of-course her mother tongue Chinese ,

Kyulkung is good friend with many fellow trainee from other group and through out the years they have become closer friends . Now her close friends includes GFriend’s SinB , Ailee , Seventeen’s Jun, Gugudan’s Sally and Twice’s Dahyun, .

Her musical skills are not limited to dancing and singing , she can play a traditional Chinese musical instrument called Pipa . Hard to learn and very little people knows how to play the Pipa these days .

According to Kyul Kung she likes to shopping a lot !! and also surfing throughout the website about fashion .

She was in the music video of Orange Caramel’s My Copycat and Seventeen’s Mansae.