Upcoming KPOP Star Worldwide Audition By SM


    If you wants to be a Kpop Star or enter the Kpop world then SM Entertainment have a chance for you this year . This year one of Korean largest Kpop Agency will he holding multiple audition locations around the world . If you don’t know who is SM , then lets this name be a reminder . They are the home for Girls Generation , Boa , J-Min , EXO , SHINee and many other top South Korean Models , Actors and Actresses and Kpop Icons .

    This year the Audition will be held in China , Indonesia , Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand , Japan and Taiwan .

    Event Places for SM KpoP audition ,

    Sapporo : October 2017

    Yokohama : October 2017

    Okinawa , Fukuoka , Kobe  : November 2017

    Bangkok , Chiangmai and Hatyai . For exact date please refer to SM entertainment official Facebook .

    Kpop Audition that take place in Indonesia is almost here . The event by SM will be held on July this year . The event will take place in Jakarta , Surabaya , Medan and Semarang

    Singapore : August 2017.

    Malaysia : Kuala Lumpur , November 2017

    The Kpop Audition China will includes Hong kong and Macau as well . The event will be held at :

    Hong Kong : May 2017

    Macau : May 2017

    Beijing : December 2017

    Gwangju : December 2017

    Chongqing : December 2017

    Shanghai : December 2017


    Taipei : June 2017

    TaiChung and Kaoh Siung : August 2017

    Because we do not want to accidentally set the wrong time and date , or the possibility of time change before hand , we advise to check out SM entertainment official Facebook one month before the audition take place in your country .

    The Qualifications and other details about the audition, 

    There seems to be no age limitation sets , and anyone can apply to join .

    There is ZERO applications fee which means it is free to join the audition .

    You can apply to audition for Modelling , Acting , Singing , Dancing and Composing categories .

    For applications please refer to SM entertainment Facebook https://www.facebook.com/smaudition/