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UEE leave Kpop Girls Group After School

UEE is now not with The Kpop girls group After School anymore . Her departure was already confirmed by Pledis Entertainment . The Kpop Girls Group After School has been around for 8 years and that is actually quite an achievement for any Kpop group .

One thing about the After school , when the group was formed , there was actually the theme where new members joining the group will be called admission and members leaving the group will said to be graduated . So we can say that UEE finally graduates from After School .

Now there are only 5 members in the group .  Current members of After school left are Raina , Nana ,Lizzy ,E-Young , Kaeun . We hope that the group will continue as not disband as many of famous and long lasting groups already disbanded from Sistar to 2NE1 . For more on disbanded Kpop group check out our List of Popular Kpop Group Disbanded in 2017

UEE is now at a new home , she already signed the contract with Yuleum Entertainment . Her new agency said , they will support UEE and will find more opportunity for UEE to be in Variety Shows and in the acting front as well . The agency continues to ask for the support of UEE fans .