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Twitter in use of latest search of missing love one during Ariana’s Concert

After the chaos due to bombing at Ariana Concert Many young teens are still reported missing . Latest news updates from the bombing , currently there are still 55 person reported missing . Some Friends and family members are using Twitter as platform to widen the search in hope of any news or sighting from their love on .

One of the teens reported missing is Olivia Campbell . She is only a young 15 years old teenagers.

Her mother told CNN reporter

“It’s the most horriblest feeling ever,” To know your daughter’s there and you can’t find her, you don’t know if she’s dead or alive . “And I don’t know how people can do this to innocent children”

Another young teen , is 11 years old young girl named Tia .

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Two loud explosions during the concert sent hordes of teenagers running out in order to escape the chaos .

On the latest update of Ariana , she has suspended her world tour until further notice . Her world tour include concerts in Belgium , Germany Poland and Switzerland.

She expresses her sorrow at the death toll and victims at her Manchester’s Concert . In her Twitter feed , she posted

Broken . From the bottom of my heart i am so so sorry . I don’t have words .

The Manchester Concert venue was pack with thousands of Ariana fans , mostly teenage girls when the bombing happened .