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Twice Sana Cutest Expression that we love

Twice Sana is cute even when she is not trying to be but when she really did some cute expressions , she really sets the cuteness meter high .

What do you loved most about Twice member Sana ? Her singing vocal is kinda cute and when she appear in reality TV we can all see her playful side .

But it is when she was off stage , behind the screen or during fan meeting is when her real adorable traits comes to light . We prepared 9 cutest expression from Sana and if you are her fans , then we hope you like it as well .

Though he is not a Twice member , but when it comes to cuteness , we don’t left out the Cute BTS Jimin .

Twice Sana Cute and playful

Twice Sana Cute moment

Remember this moments when she is being playful ?

Twice Sana Cute expression

When she is this playful even her teammates cannot resist her cuteness .