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Twice Reach 1 million album sales mark

According to JYP entertainment , Twice album sales has been going great and the hot Kpop group already surpassed 1 million . Current number at 1.24 millions , Twice market is going strong .

The 9 members Kpop Girl Group caused a big hype during their debut with fans comparing the group to  popular Kpop girl group SNSD and T-ara .

From JYP entertainment , Twice’s first album sold 120,00 copies and the rest of the album all sold for more than 250,00 each .

Just debuted for 2 years , Twice is now one of the most popular Kpop group not only in South Korea but across Asia as well . Normally Album sales is dominated by boy group but Twice makes the impossible become possible .

Latest singles from Twice titled Signal , has topped 6 major music charts and further prove Twice is here to stay and getting bigger over time .