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Who do you think is cuter NaYoung or IU

Cute is a huge thing in Kpop Industry and most Kpop group that debut will try to impress fans the members cuteness . In this Issue , we try to ask which idols do you think is cuter , IU or Nayoung from Pristin .

IU is well known for her cuteness and she was dubbed as the nation sister . Her songs are also mostly romantic and slow ballads . On IU image , she is definitely on the cute side . Her fashion have resemblance of character from Japanese Anime .

On Nayoung from Pristin , she just debut with her group recently and she already made many headline across Kpop news portal and social media with her cuteness .

As a side note , there are many Kpop idols that are cute , it is just in this article we compare the two popular star . So who do you choose ?