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Ten of Hyomin Cutest Facial Images

Not only is Hyomin Known for her sexiness she is also one of the cutest Kpop Idol that we know . Her Pikachu like expressions or hamster like expressions never fails to make us laugh . Normally it is either when Hyomin is angry or dissatisfied , then that’s the cutest moments of her . We ensemble 10 example when she looks just so adorable below .

Hyomin Eating
When Hyomin is eating
Hyomin playing
Hyomin play prank on fellow members

Hyomin cute sexy expression
When Hyomin cuteness transform into sexy expression in just a blink .

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Hyomin pikachu face
When Hyomin display her cuteness in full mode . Her famous Pikachu cuteness
Hyomin cute blow up face image
When Hyomin seems to look dissatisfied or angry with a blow up face .