SungHoon in Law of the Jungle


Korean Popular Actor finished the filming for Law of the Jungle last month and was aired recently . Together with SungHoon in these episode were  Park Chul Min and Mark from Got7 .

Their mission for this episode was to cover the distance of 1300 KM across the difficult path of nature in New Zealand . During the episode , Sunghoon can bee seen having quite a lot of fun , so was Mark . SungHoon and Mark can be seen enjoying happily the fishes that they caught .

Sadly though during the filming it was quite rainy and our Oppas was force to wear Rain Coat . Overall the this episode is quite funny with the antics from our regular cast and we got to see the funny side of Mark and when Sunghoon shows his clumsiness . We also got to see the love of Sunghoon for water .

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