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Striking Red Lipstick is the NOW color

Color plays a major parts in the shaping of fashion and cosmetic world. The Now color in lipstick is currently Bright Red where you can see almost all the top Korean Celebrities looking perfectly beautiful and sharp. Not convince yet? Check out these striking bright red lipstick photo shoot from Korean Top stars below.

Korean Celebrities lipstick red (5)

DIA Korean Star in red lipstick photoshoot

DIA’s Jung Chae Yeon looks strikingly sharp with red lipstick even with Deep Pink as background. Don’t you just wants to emulate this full of confidence make up ?

Kim Do Yeon mysterious yet sharp to details make up in Vogue magazine photo shoot .

Taeyon from SNSD looking perfect in red lipstick. The evergreen KPOP idol’s visual suit the red color perfectly especially with a nude tone fashion.