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Shownu from Monsta X birthday is here

Shownu from Monsta X birthday falls on 18 June , and this year he will be celebrating his 25th birthday . In Korean Age he will be 26 this year .

A little extra details on Sohn Hyun-woo , Shownu’s real name , did you know that he used to be a backup dancer for Lee Hyori ? The Song back then was Bad Girl .

Latest Kpop news on Monsta X , the group recently officially debuts in Japan back in May 17th this year and the group just released a teaser for their repackage song , Shine Forever on June 14th .

On a side note , 18th June is also the birthday of many KPOP stars . Gum mi from Crayon POP , Taehun from Z:EA , H.O from Madtown and Oh My Girls Arin .