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S.Coup Thanked Carats for Meaningful win on his Mom Birthday

Seventeen wins the show Champion again this week and the group thanked Carats for all their supports .

The member said without the supports of Carats they won’t be where they are right now and the group also said they are very grateful and know that Carats have been working very hard to help them wins .

Leader S.Coup then took the opportunity to tell other members that yesterday was his mother Birthday . With Carat giving them the wins in Show champion actually is a very meaningful Birthday Gift for his mom as well .

Seventeen members then sang Happy Birthday together to S.Coup’s mom . During the live show , Seventeen shows how much they love Carats and posing together for a group shot while sending the LOVE signal .

And Just before ending their live show , the member discuss who should pay for a get together dinner later that night and all members chooses Woozi .