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Running Man Review and how to Revive the Variety Show

The highly popular South Korean Reality Show by now has fully undergone new changes with the addition of 2 more cast members and more special themes added each week. Let see how the variety show is doing so far in the review below .

The Bad

From South Korean powerhouse in variety show category , Running Man has been through quite a lot especially the sharp drop in rating and it never seems to bounce back. The changes in PD also highly affect the show for many years now .

Distinct brand game is as good as gone . The “Name Tag” game which catapulted Running Man into international frenzy hardly ever being played anymore . However due to aging of cast members and the physical hardship for the game , it’s understandable

Screen time for each member is limited and same goes for guests as well . Now the 1 hour plus show feels like not satisfying even to the extent of “incomplete”

Games are whether too short or too long . In the beginning of Running Man , most episodes will have first two mini games to collect points and one final “Name Tag” or chasing game. Now not every episode is not as consistent and some games did not even make sense and hard to understand .

The Good

Change is risky . But we notice that Running Man is trying to change it image from a highly energetic and physical oriented to more celebrity talk show but in a fun way . It can be a good to see more guests especially actors and KPOP stars having fun playing mini games . We also notice the show finally regain some “realistic funny moments” again

The fact that Running Man cast members stick together is actually the biggest pull for the show . Weeks in Weeks out , most users simply comeback to see their variety star in action . Though we will love if more screen time for Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo .

Running Man red background

What can save Running Man

Stick to the same game . If trying to invent new and confusing games every week , why not just choose 10  favorite games and make it into regular . Sticking to regular game will make new and old fans alike be more comfortable with the show and less confusing .

These Favorite games can be rotated on monthly basis or even weekly basis and reducing 3 games to only 2 will be good . With only 2 great games ,  the screen time can be more even and guests will have their fair share as well .

It doesn’t need to be “Really Running” in order to stick with the show theme . Running Man can try to adjust it main focus slowly from running hard and chasing each other on foot by peeling off name tags to car style chasing game or even Treasure Hunting . Take Infinity Challenge hunt for Money Box’s episode for example .

With these changes , viewers get the same adrenaline rush minus physical strains inflicted on cast members . Treasure hunt can even be used as the full focus for the show and first mini game retained for introduction of guests and gaining some extra points .

Fresh theme is great and constant changing can give a lot of huge boost but when the meaning of fresh get lost in translations .  When a game is hard to understand , members need to used up screen time just for the explanation . Instead of gaining value it become time consuming and boring as well .

Better way , find a new replacement for Name Tag ( treasure hunt style is still my favorite since it can be done by using cars and public transports and manage to give viewers the same adrenaline rush ) is the best way to revive Running Man .

And fair screen time is at utmost importance . Of Course that in order to get the best result , funny and interesting clip must be given high priority . This is when pairing can help. Yoo Jae Suk can instantly turn anything into funny situation . This is why he needs to be paired with Song Ji Hyo or Kim Jong kook more often .

Experiment new pairing to see with members will be great to complement each other personality the best . In time , the number of guest should be reduce as well .

Again , famous guest played big part in getting the needed rating but when too many , the effect will highly reverse anything positive . A girls group with 11 members are bound for limited screen time . Instead Running Man can choose 1 member from each KPOP Group and make it 3 or 4 guests as maximum limit .

The producers might not actually realize this but back in the day , Running man is popular for their unique game and funny interactions . What made it special is , there are lots of Korean celebrity became famous in overseas due to the fact they appear in Running Man in the first place .

This is what Running Man needs to regain . Try to invite some fresh face in Korean Entertainment industry that’s not well known overseas . Instead of trying to compete in popularity level with talk show  , why not become an introduction show instead . Overseas fans will love to know more Korean Celebrities and talents  .

And finally the rating . South Korean Rating is important because the show inability to find a way to capitalize on their international stardom . When a certain show is recognize globally , they should instead find a way on to how maximize the show potential and find better way to earn from overseas . With this Running Man will be safe from cancellation due to poor rating .

Note :  This is a review From JeffryNCK and his personal View .