Ruler Master of the Mask Episode 21 and 22 getting more dramatic


As the drama Ruler Master Of the Mask going into episode 21 and 22 already , the show is getting more and more dramatic .

From a preview clip release from MBC , it seems that the Fake King will return the power to crown Prince . But in order for him to do so , he will needs Prince Lee Sun will give up Ga Eun . Seems that the fake king is willing to do anything in order to get Ga Eun .

The Trailer and preview of Rules Master of the Mask episode 21 and 22 :

In the Preview , it shows that Crown Prince fall onto the floor , which we assume that he might be sick , or getting further away from his love one . Ga Eun love is continued to stuck between the two character .

And yes , Sun’s plan to¬†attack the Pyunsoohwe group receive another major blow with the plans being discovered by Dae Mok !

D not miss out Ruler Master of the Mask Episode 21 and 22 on Drama fever .

Other news about Ruler , the drama is currently hitting high note in Korean overall Drama Ratings by claiming the top spot according to Nielsen Korea . To lessen the confusion , The drama is also called The Emperor: Owner of the Mask .