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PSY KPOP Profile

PSY or His real name Park Jae sang was born in Dec 31 1977 . He is considered as one of the Sunbae in KPOP and respected by many idols and other Korean Celebrity . His talents includes almost all aspect in music industry including Singing , Rapping , Dancing , to more behind the screen works such as producing and song writing .

Profile and Details of PSY

Date of Birth : 31 December , 1977

Zodiac Sign : Capricorn

Hometown : Seoul, South Korea

Height : 170 cm

Blood Type : O

PSY Music Video

Other facts about PSY

PSY name hits so high on the web that on 2012 , The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had expressed his desire to work with him due to his far reaching and world wide popularity . While most of us know him as the guy from South Korea that debuts with Gangnam Style , PSy had been in the show business for more than 18 years .

PSY is under the same company with many Top Korean Celebrity . He is under one of the biggest Entertainment company in South Korea . YG Entertainment . Te company also managed the highly popular Bigbang , Latest Duo sensation AkDong Musician , and one of current hottest Kpop Girls group Blackpink . The company was built by Yang Hyun suk of the popular Kpop Boy Band Soe Tai Ji and Boys .

PSY is the record holder of Most viewed music Video in Youtube for the MTV of Gangnam Style . The video also featured South Korean Sexy Queen Hyuna .

He is married to Yoo Hye-yeon and together they have twin daughters .