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Pristin Im Na Young Look A-like

Pristin’s Im Na Young is getting quite popular these days and with her group touring all over South Korea and the members being active in reality shows , it is hard not to notice the presence and star power of Pristin . Just like many Kpop stars that have their own look alike , Im Na Young have hers as well .

When she still in the program I.O.I , her stone face appearance made us think of another Korean Celebrity . Do you know which one ? The beautiful Uhm Hyun-kyung . In fact , these two looks so alike each others that we mistook them as sisters in the beginning .

But Im Na Young resemblance with other celebrity did not stop with Uhm Hyun-kyung . We found oe Hong Kong celebrity that kinda have similar facial feature like hers as well . She is a TVB actress Toby Chan .