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Most played KPOP Cosplay Celebrities

KPOP cosplay is already a famous term for KPOP fans but for those new in the Korean entertainment , KPOP cosplay means cosplaying KPOP celebrities instead of Comic or Cartoon character .

Check out which Korean Celebrities are some of the most famous in KPOP Cosplay world.

Bigbang members 

Because of G Dragon constant evolving fashion style , he is one of the most followed in KPOP cosplay world . Cosplayer will follow closely on his latest changes like his hair color.

Image Source : haeda.egloos

kim Hyuna 

The queen of sexy in Kpop , Hyuna is also one of the most followed in the KPOP Cosplay world . Her trendy fashion sense coupled with her ever changing music video wardrobe give fans many reason to choose her as their favorite cosplay model .

Hyuna Kpop Cosplay

Twitter User @AerynCosplay doing a Hyuna from 365-fresh Triple H .

The Bangtan Boys , BTS members 

With the group popularity reaching far and wide , it is no surprise these famous boy group members are listed among the top in KPOP Cosplay wardrobe .

bts suga kpop cosplay

BTS Suga cosplay by HJcosplay in Deviantart .

If you like this , you can also take a look at JeongHan cosplay as Harley Queen

Girls Generations , SNSD members 

One of the most popular KPOP girl group SNSD , is of course included in our list as well . Their influence in the Cosplay world is far and wide especially for their fashion in “Taxi” and ” Genie”music video .

SNSD cosplay by a a player name”fierce fox”

What do you think of the KPOP cosplay world ? Actually with so many type of jaw dropping and special fashion in Kpop Industry , the cosplaying world is beginning to expand wider and receive main stream recognition .