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Park SoJin and Eddy Kim Confirms they are dating .

Girl’s Day member Park SoJin and Eddy Kim dating each other was confirmed yesterday buy their agencies .

The statement release during a joint press conference by DreamT Entertainment and Mystic Entertainment confirmed the happy news and said SoJin and Eddy Kim have just began dating .

The two KPOP star dating rumor first gain traction after an online Korean news portal reported that both grew close during the filming of I’m Director Too: Youth Movie .

Park SoJin is a former members of Girl’s Day who rises to fame with her songwriting and singing talents . Meanwhile Eddie Kim began his career in KPOP when he became one of the 6 finalist for Mnet’s show , Superstar K4 back in 2012 .

We are happy to hear the news and hope the couple can be happy with each other .