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One Piece Chapter 872 Prediction

What an eye opener in One Piece Chapter 871 . In a single Chapter , the battle is over without even s scratch to Big Mom . Continue to see our next chapter , 872 prediction .

One Piece Chapter 871 overview : Beware of some spoilers

As expected , there are death in this chapter and the one that go first is Judge . Big Mom easily destroyed Judge without even moving an inch . Luffy fight with Big Mom is too short as well . In a single blow exchange the difference in power level is clearly visible .

Though the ability of Germa 66 is hyped and many figure it will contribute the changes to this battle , it seems Big Mom Pirates are just too strong . Her commander easily handled any opposition without much struggle .

One Piece Chapter 872 Prediction and what we expect

In the last panel in chapter 871 , the tamatebako box exploded at the most critical moments . Luffy , Sanji even Ceaser and Bege already being captured and Big Mom was just getting ready to start the execution . Though from the drawing , tamatebako’s explosion was in small scale , it manage to damage the wedding cake .

We expect nothing much in next chapter though . Another death is expected yet again , and we really feel the tamatebako is a bit of mystery . The bomb should play not minimal and large part in Strawhat Crew escape plan . Our guess is the might me some kind of power residing in tamatebako box .

Big Mom Versus the defeated Luffy

Big Mom resolution of executing Luffy might not be her priority at the moment , especially when she heard Luffy is going to challenge Kaido . It will be good for her to let Luffy escape and weaken Kaido even with the big difference in power level . As an experience Yonko , we predict she knew with the full force of Strawhat Crew and careful planning , they can at least manage to do some confusion and benefiting big mom in the end .

Though the fight seems to be over in a short time , large number of heavy back up are currently residing inside Bege including Nami and Jinbe .

The confusion caused by tamatebako’s explosion is great chances for the crew escape . Though we still sticks to our earlier prediction that Germa 66 wont survive this ordeal . We predict Sanji’s sister Reiju will be the sole survivor from Germa 66 .

What do you think of our One Piece prediction ? If you would like to have a say in one piece prediction . feels free to contact us .