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One Piece 873 Prediction

One Piece 872 is already released and what a big surprise of events. A 100 percent turnaround from last chapter situations and we can say StrawHat Crews and his alliances are really big on luck.

Spoilers ahead for One Piece chapter 872

In this chapter, The Tamatebako box comes in full effect and in contrast from previous drawing where we saw the explosion was minimal, the effect was actually larger than we ever predicted. The whole cake Island come undone in just seconds with castle tumbling and put everyone in danger.

This delicate situation played out perfectly for Luffy and his alliance where they safely escape from the clutches of Big Mom ( temporary ) 

Everything looks good one Luffy’s side at the moment even-though in the last panel, Big Mom’s sons were enraged and determined to capture these intruders at all cost.

Prediction for One Piece 873, Gloomy future Ahead

Yup, you read it right. We predict a gloomy future not for Luffy but for the survival of Big Mom’s crew. We can’t be sure how this will played on in the near future but we think arc might be the last for Big Mom.

Last drawing from chapter 872 saw Big Mom entering a frenzy mode, which we already saw before when she devoured everything in her path. She might just killed her own commander this way.

A raging and mindless Big Mom will provide Luffy and his allies a safe path and return to their adventures ahead.

If next chapter really play out as we predicted, then a weakened Big Mom party is good news for BlackBeard. The Guy has been missing for a while now and we last saw him in a short panel where he tried to ambush Dragon’s hideout.

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What do you think will happen next chapter? Will Oda really kill off Big Moms crew in this arc or she will come back even stronger and starts to roam new world searching for Luffy?