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One Piece 871 Prediction

What do you think of One Piece 870 ? Oda never fails to deliver and the way he keeps making fans of On Piece wanting for more is his trademark . Check out our predictions for One piece 871 .

Warning , minimal spoilers ahead for one piece 870

In this chapter fans are loving Bege more and more especially when he showed his caring side for family members . Judge finally learns about Sanji’s plan on saving him which leads to another emotional exchange between him and Sanji .

Nami’s quality in Straw Hat crew grows from being the Navigator to a cool headed leader though we are not sure the same will happen if it evolves around money .

Luffy finally failed an escape plan . This is what most fans are waiting for anyway since this “is” the very first time Luffy actually sticks around for an entire plan . But it soon became obvious sticking to one plan is maximum limit . What do you expect ? Luffy will always be Luffy .

Predictions for One Piece Chapter 871

We predict Jinbe and Nami will come up with new escape plan since fighting head on with a Yonko was never their goal and will never be fruitful .

Maybe another flashback ! The name Vegapunk come to mind when thinking about Judge and Ceaser . Might not happen in chapter 871 , but maybe within 10 chapters . And we also expect Judge to sacrifice himself for once showing “his fatherly love” .

Big Mom Commanders gets into action . At last we will know just how scary are these sons and daughter of Big Mom since they had been pushed around ever since the start of operation “Disaster Wedding”

Lets review on the Checklist 

  • Stealing the polygraph – check
  • Saving Sanji – check
  • Sanji standing up to his father – check
  • Luffy to not mess up the plan – check and uncheck
  • Run away safely – pending and possible one or two characters will be erase

With Oda , everything is possible , though the best part in this chapter , One Piece 871 will be release according to schedule and no “One Piece will be on break next week”