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One Piece 870 prediction and expectations

One Piece 870 prediction is here and since there will be a long wait before it released . We expect chapter 870 to be full of drama until the ends . Read on for more expectations.

One Piece chapter 869 finished up on Bege being badly hurt after Big Mama woke up from her shock and shaking Bege castle violently . We also learn for the chapter that if the castle break , then so will Bege , means his life will ends as well .

The whole table was turned in One Piece 869 and the invader became the invaded . Strawhat’s crew was safe inside “Big Bege” aka the castle , and we saw Vinsmoke Family changed into their raid suits and saving Nami and  Chopper .

Coming back to One Piece chapter 870 prediction , we expect more actions from Vinsmoke Family and Jinbei might be the one making a new plan . Even with all the surrounding chaos , Jinbei is capable of making a good plan for escape given his bravery and experience .

The Plan now might be to fight in order to find an opening to escape rather than fighting to kill Big Mom . The only problem is that now almost all of Big Moms high ranking crews are just outside . We predict in chapter 870 , Luffy will use his Conqueror’s Haki in order to calm Big Mom and give his team an opening to head out for a fight .

On the Tamatebako box , it might not even come into play or will be but at very late stage during this arc since it  flies off the roof of Whole Cake Chateau.

Another prediction for chapter 870 , we expect Reiju to convince the rest of her family to fight for Luffy side and fight side by side with Luffy’s crew . Though this might be happening a bit later on Chapter 871 or One Piece Chapter 872 .

One Piece will be on break this week and to many One Piece fans , we know that the word “On Break” is such a scary phrase .