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New KPOP band South club fandom name is officially AMP

During South Club recent show , Nam Tae Hyun revealed the fandom name for his newly formed KPOP band . Their fandom name will be called Amp .

He explained the reason for South Club Fandom name being Amp was because of the band playing style in which they are a group which emphasised their musical instrument like guitar . another reason the name Amp was chosen was because An electric guitar without an amp sounds sounded very quiet and thus they think their fans acted as their amplifiers where they amplify their musics to a wider audience just like how amp amplify their sound further and louder .

In our opinion the name matched their group nicely given the songs by South Club are quite heavy on electrical musics . On a related topic , Nam Tae Hyun just opened his own music labels called The South Buyers Club this year .