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New Korean Drama Stranger about Corruption amidst South Korean Reforms .

New Korean Drama to air on TVN Stranger is about the corruption within South Korean Justice System . The drama resonates with many South Korean as the nation had been hit with corruption and scandals in the administration lately .

The director of TVN drama said during press conference in Seoul ,

Many people said it would be tough to do a drama on the prosecution. The message we are trying to convey is that of justice, which I think everyone can relate to. The power of the story and the acting will sufficiently explain what we are trying to say

Cho Seung Woo played a stong and eager to condemn any criminals type of prosecutor while lead actress Bae Do na played the role of Han Yeo Jin , a police office with kind heart .

The drama cast includes Cho Seung-woo , Bae Doo-na who stars in US dramas Sense 8 , Lee Joon-hyuk and Shin Hye-sun and will air every Tuesday on 9 p.m starting June 10 .