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The meaning behind these 6 Kpop Fanclub name

Kpop and fan club is inseparable just like the idols and their fans . And every Kpop idols or groups will try their best to create a meaningful fan club name soon after the debut . Lets check out these 6 Fan club name and the meaning behind it .

Gfriend Fan club / fandom name : Buddy 

GFriend fandom name is a cute one and the members them self gave a memorable explanation on the meaning of Buddy .

According to Gfriend members  ” if we hadn’t had you with us for the past year we wouldn’t be here “

The above conversations was translated from Korean .

Gfriend members also thanked their fans which they called buddy during their 1st anniversary show .

Bigbang Fan club / fandom name : VIP

One of the biggest Kpop group of all time , Bigbang surely knows how to choose a great fandom name . Given that fans are very important in Kpop industry , Bigbang choose to the name V.i.P which universally means Very important person . Bigbang wanted their fans to knows that each and every fans are very important person .

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Blackpink Fan Club / Fandom name : Blink

Another Kpop girls group that has been making noise all over Asia , Blackpink fandom name Blink is simple yet meaningful enough . of you take the two letters and last 3 letters from Blackpink in becomes blink. from there it is quite explanatory , which means “we will be together from the start to the end”

Exo Fan Club / Fandom name : EXO L 

While there has been some disputes among fans on which name they preferred , EXO-L do have a reasonable meaning behind it .EXO L which is a short for ‘EXO-LOVE’ means ‘EXO and fans only love each other.’The letter L also is quite clever with L which is located in between alphabet K and M which means fans are always surrounded by EXO-K and EXO-M .

Oh My Girls Fan Club / Fandom name : Miracles 

Oh My girls fandom name comes from the humble Cinderella like point of view from the members . For oh my girls , meeting fans was a miracle itself . this is how grateful they are for the supports and miracles out there .
Seventeen Fan Club / Fandom name : Carat

Another Kpop group that always appreciate the supports of their fans , Seventeen fandom name is lovely indeed . For Seventeen their fans are carat who helped them shine . Carat makes diamond seventeen shine . To make it even more meaningful , the name was chosen based on fans votes .