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Lovelyz Not wearing safety Shorts from Last Year events ?

A video of Lovelyz members appeared not wearing safety shorts when performing last years gets picked up and gain popularity recently . The fancam captured during the group performing the song Destiny and members can be seen like almost not wearing the safety shorts while turning around and spinning .

Safety shorts is standard fashion companion for Kpop Girls group , but in many occasion there are some members or groups that did choose not to wear instead . Those decisions might be of their stylist or else is anybody guess .

In the event of Lovelyz members not wearing the safety shorts , we examined the members performance during the said clip and some members are seen wearing a white colored short pants underneath .

While in pictures circulating online , it did seems that one members shows more skin , in our guess the possibility was that it is too short or during the dance performance the safety short simply went a bit far up or really did not wore it during the performance .

Here is the video clip from the performance .

And this is the other fancam

Anyhow , we think most kpop fans will agree that what really matters is paying more attention to the groups music and dancing performance and of-course the fashion style that these cute idols wore when not performing since Korean Fashion is really lovely .