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List of Popular Kpop Group Disbanded in 2017

Kpop group comes and go but for the popular one , if the group disbanded , will receive mass attention and news coverage . Popular Kpop group also have their very own large fan base and for the fans , unable to see their favorite as a group again will certainly caused sadness .

One of the all time popular Kpop Girl Group – Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls

The highly popular Kpop group disbanded early this year although many fans already guessing it is going to happen since Wonder Girls members are already going on different path even before the disbandment .

Wonder girl is one of the top Kpop Group to ever reach international popularity and their most memorable songs are No Body and So Hot . The group disbanded on January 26 2017

Kpop Girl group sistar disbanded


After 7 years of successful ride , Starship Entertainment confirmed the group disbandment . The disband leave many Kpop fans and Sistar fans in tears and reaching out in social media to voice their frustrations . Sistar is the latest Kpop group to disband this year and there are rumors other Kpop group on hiatus might follow suit . Sistar disband this month-May 2017 .

Kpop Girl Group IOI
Highly popular and loved Kpop girl Group IOI disbanded this year

The group is form through reality show Produce I.O.I and receive huge supports in South Korea and across Asia . The group disbanded right after their concert Time Slip – I.O.I .

Right after the disbandment , fans of I.O.I floods the social media in support for the group members future activities and post heart warming messages as well as many feeling the group time is too short and should not be disband .

The lovely members is highly popular among teenagers due to various factor including watching their real life day to day struggle during the Reality show Produce I.O.I and the on stage charisma of the members . I.O.I officially disbanded on January 2017

leesang gary and gil disbanded


The duo comprising Gary who is popular for being on the South Korean Reality Show Running man , and and Gil who was a permanent member in Infinity Challenge . Leesang disbanded On April 6, 2017

Kpop group MIB and Spica disband
MIB and Spica disbanded in the early half of 2017

Another 2 group disbanded in early 2017 : 

M.I.B : Four member Kpop boy Group M.I.B disbanded on January 4 2017

Spica : Four members Kpop Girls Group Spica Disbanded on February 6 2017

Memorable mentions from last year ,


One of the most Unique Kpop girls group , presenting a stong female image and with rapping one of their main theme , 2NE1 is highly popular in western countries . The group also reach a satisfying success in the US especially after the collaboration with The Black Eyed Peas . The group disbanded after 7 years with members pursuing solo career . 2NE1 officially disbanded just 2 months before 2017 – on Nov 2016