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5 Less Known Korea Variety Show you Should Watch

Fans of Korean Variety Show ? Today we will bring you additional variety shows that you should definitely watch. Beside the highly popular Running Man and Law of the Jungle , there are many more Korean Variety shows that are just as funny and some even educational .

Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast 

Unlike conventional Korean Variety show where it’s more to jokes and gags , Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast is about normal Korean citizens going on vacation in Jeju Island and spending their time in power KPOP couple, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon’s home. The interactions between the couple and guests are fun in the way where it’s non scripted and we can see all the happening in a “reality show” kind of format. Highly recommended Korean Variety Show for anyone that loves travelling.

Happy Together

Happy Together 

This Korean Variety is already in the scene for so long but it did not picked up mass followers outside South Korea. Headed by the most respectable MC in South Korea, Yoo Jae Suk, the show invite guests to talk about their experience and life story. An interview theme variety show, it is powered on by constant jokes from MC Yoo and how he steered even the most boring conversations into a funny one. What we like most about Happy Together is unlike Top Korean Variety show that’s popular in overseas, it always brings many less known Korean Celebrity outside of South Korea.

Saturday Nigh Life Korea or SNL Korea 

Ever watched the long running Saturday Night Life? This is actually the Korean version but still followed the same format. Each episode will feature Korean Celebrities coming along to role play a special character where you can see their acting skills in a funny way. T-ara was recently in SNL Korea as well to showcase their acting side. This show is most funny when members from KPOP group join as guest where you can see these singers different side.

Top Gear Korea 

Another adaption of foreign show, Top Gear Korea follow the same format as Britain’s Top Gear. The show is all about automotive and if you are a fan of racing world , then this is certainly a variety show you need to add in the must watch list. Just like any Korean Variety, humor is a big part of the industry hence you can expect plenty of one liner jokes in here as well.

Please Take Care of my Refrigerator

This long running South Korean Variety Show recently past the 10 years mark and is still going strong. From the JTBC channel, on each episode, guests will bring along their very own refrigerator chef will then cooked up dishes based on the guest’s items available in their storage. Hosted by serious looking Kim Sungg Joo and Ahn Jung Hwan , one might expect the show to be on a more serious tone. Never let their appearance fooled you as this variety show comes with a full on laugh assault!

4 of the Variety shows in this list are some of the longest running in South Korea and have their very own following but less known to overseas. If you are already fans of Korean Variety , then it’s not hard to understand these show’s format and gags . Give them a try and you might be hooked.