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Lee Hyori Comeback Review

The Diva of KPOP makes her comeback this July after long hiatus since her marriage . In the world of KPOP , even being quite for a year is considered as career’s suicide as fans are being bombarded with fresh new talents every single month .

Lee Hyori proved her status in KPOP is no mere luck by reinventing herself and her singing style . Presenting a new side of her , the mature side that she gained during her years in peaceful Jeju Island .

From the single “Seoul” in Black ( title of Hyori’s comeback Album ) she showed us that she can be very in-trend to current music style while injecting her own flair . Hyori slow ballad voice infused with dramatic background music leave us in awe .

For this album , the KPOP Diva was personally involved from theme of music videos , to song writing . In Fact , most of the song in Black was written by Hyori herself .

Hyori Music Video for Seoul ,

In the music video of Seoul , Hyori dances in Yoga inspired moves where she learned during her stay in Jeju . If you already watched her latest Variety show , Hyori Bed and Breakfast then you will know Hyori’s yoga skills is quite unique especially the segment where she wakes up by tumbling over 360 degrees ( well , almost )

Meaningful lyrics from Lee Hyori single Seoul ,

I turned and went far away ,
But when I close my eyes, I remember it
I look back when longing washes over me
But it’s too late to go back
Seoul, Seoul ,
Will I look for you again?
Or should I forget? Or should I long for it?

It’s actually based on herself where she moved to Jeju Island and keep very minimal contacts within South Korean Entertainment Industry aside from local radio show and minimal photo shoot .

From the bustling city of Seoul , she moved to Jeju Island , a place known for its quite life . She changed her lifestyle and found peace especially with her loving Husband Lee Sang Soon . Some of her interactions and view on her life after marriage can be seen in Infinity Challenge Episode 402 and of course in her new variety show which based on the concept of vacation rental .

With her love for music she came back , and of course for every singer, being so long away from the industry no matter how high were her previous position , there will always be doubt.

What we think ? It is simply brilliance . Using the lyrics and song as a way of diary and telling her story over the years makes us feels connected and like she never left . We absolutely love Lee Hyori’s Comeback .