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Lee Hyori do Ballet in Infinity Challenge

Lee Hyori was in the latest episode of Infinity challenge and during one of the segment Lee Hyori show off her ballet dancing skills to the astonishment of Infinity Challenge Crews .

Queen Hyori is finally back to being active in Variety again after a long hiatus and Yoo Jae Suk had siad before that’s hard to get Hyori to be on a show ever since her marriage  . By the way , though it was years ago , but have you seen Hyori and Sang Soon Marriage photo ? Counting this year , the couple will be married for 4 years now , and we wishes them a long lasting happiness .

Now that she is back and Lee Hyori new album is coming up , expect to see more of Queen Hyori in the KPOP scene .

Before that , check her out in this clip from MBC where she dances to her heart to the song Titanium .