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Latest KPOP News

Current and Latest KPOP News is all about the comeback of PSY and Twice . After the long wait finally PSY is back with latest album titled 4×2=8 . In just one week time , the Music Video for Face , 4×2=8 title track already reach more than 20 millions views .

Latest view as of today stands at 21,189,335 views count . This certainly says a-lot about PSY status in the KPOP world .

After 3 years of hiatus , and year long of preparations , this latest Kpop track certainly does not disappoint base on comments by Netizens in Knet and Youtube .

The album 4×2=8 feature collaborations between Block B’s  Zico , Lee Byung Hun , Tae Yang from BigBang , Na Eun from A Pink and G-Dragon .

Promotional Poster for PSY New Album 42×8

Another hot and latest Kpop news now is the launch of Twice new album Signals and its title track with same name .

Before the launch , JYP Entertainment dropped multiple teaser poster through social media with Twice members wearing navy blue uniform and send fans guessing the theme of Twice latest Kpop comeback .

JY Park himself is personally involved in the production of this album , a first time collaboration between the girl group and JYP CEO since Twice’s debut

According to latest Kpop news from trusted source , Netizens seems to feel Twice comeback to be not as good as before and the new song Signals only topped Kpop charts based on Twice popularity . Check out the screen-shot below .  The post was titled “Twice’s new track signal receives negative reviews from Netizens” from AllKpop .

Even though the group latest comeback received some negative responses , Twice still gets an All KILL on all 6 major music charts . The title track Signals from Twice latest album reached no 1 in 6 major KPOP music charts – Gaon Music Charts , Melon ,Genie, Mnet Musics and Soridaba  respectively despite strong contenders from face by PSY .

Twice members in Bern Switzerland . Pjoto from 20minutes

Also latest kpop news and new miles for Twice , the group was recently featured on Popular Switzerland online news site 20minutes .

The website wrote that while Twice is not that well known in Switzerland since KPOP influence is not as big there compare to Asian region , The girl group is one of the most famous girl group in South Korea .

It continues to introduce Twice members , some information before the the formations on Twice including the KPOP talent show SIXTEEN , praising Twice for garnering several awards after their debut in 2015 and post 3 video clip within the article .

Latest check saw the news received 52 comments , but with more than thousand of likes . Seems like Twice international fame keep getting bigger and bigger .

More and Latest news on KPOP idol and Group comeback 

Other than Twice other group to Kpop group to receive a big hype is none other than Infinite .

According to their agency Woolin , the group won’t be able to make it for the May comeback due to various reasons one being Sung Yu’s rib injury during the filming of the group’s music video on March

. While there are still no news and confirmed date on when the group will be making a comeback , it is expected to happen sometime in June this year . There are still good news though for Infinite fan in japan because the Infinite concert this May is still on .

Latest successful comeback in Kpop this months includes lovelyz , Kim So Hee , iKon ,  MAP6 , Kriesha Chu and April and girl group Sistar .

latest views count of Lovelyz music video on Youtube : 1,683,487 views
latest view on Yong Jun Hyung’s Wonder If music video on Youtube : 893,838 views
latest view on Triple H’s 365 Fresh music video on Youtube : 5,618,031 views

Latest news on Kpop concerts

This months also saw 3 highly successful concerts .  T-ara in Taipei , and 2 solo concerts , one by SNSD’s Taeyon and another by Eun ji from A Pink.

Taeyon in her latest concert – Pesona

Her voice is regarded as one of the best in KPOP especially her ability to sing in high pitch , and Taeyon definitely delivers during her latest solo concerts . In front of more than 9000 fans , Taeyon sung all the songs from her latest album My Voice .

latest news on the album sales , it did tremendously , in fact it was the first ever solo album to surpass 100,000 on Hanteo  . Songs from the album already topped charts for album sales such as Hottracks and  Aladdin for more than 5 weeks .

Meanwhile Eun ji from A Pink hold her first ever solo Kpop concerts in Kobe South Korea on 2nd May . Its been a long wait for her fans and lets hope there will be more of her solo concerts to come and maybe a couple of mini albums .

Current trending and latest Kpop news on concerts was about Ta-ra member’s Hyomin dress malfunction . While performing the hit song Trouble maker , Hyomin dress began to slip down . Luckily there are no untoward incidents and the show continues . We have to praise Hyomin for her professionalism in handling the unexpected situations .

Continue for on updates and latest news on Hyomin dress malfunction in Taiwan

Korea Presidential Elections 

Other latest Kpop news includes celebrity spotted at voting booth during the  presidential election of South Korea . Kpop celebrity spotted includes BOA , Rap Monster from Bangtan Boys , South Korea girl group Gugudan , Popular actress Park Shin Hye , Kim Hee Sun  and Jisook and Seungah from girls group Rainbow

Photo of celebrity spotted voting at latest South Korean Presidential Elections

South Korean Actress Lee Si Young
South Korean Girls Group Dayday
Chae Yeon From Girls Group DIA
Yong Jae from Got7
Infinity Challenge cast members , Yoo Jae Suk , Haha , Yang Se Hyung , Jeong Jun Ha and Park Myeong Su
South Korean girls group Oh My Girl

Trending and Latest Kpop news on the magazine or modelling front , Sulli in Ceci Magazine , former SNSD member Jessica Jung models for Blanc and Eclare denim and Joh Yon from BerryGood  models for HIM magazine for in May issue .

Jessica Jung SNSD
Joh Yun

Major event in South Korea this month without a doubt was the 53rd daesang awards where Son Ye jin brings home top actress awards in Film Category and  the top actress awards and Song kang ho went home with top actor in Film Category meanwhile The Wailling crowned Best Film of the year  .

Winner List from this year 53rd Baeksang awards

  • Best Film :  The wailing
  • Best actor : Song Kang Ho for the movie Age of Shadows
  • Best actress : Son Ye Jin for the movie The Last Princess
  • Best supporting actor : Kim Fui Sung for the movie Train to Busan
  • Best supporting actress : Kim So Jin for the movie The King .
  • Best drama: Dear My Friends
  • Best actor in TV : Gong Yoo for the drama Goblin
  • Best actress in TV : Seo Hyun JIn for the drama Oh Hae Young Again
  • Best new actor in TV : Kim Min Seok for the drama Doctors
  • Best new actress in TV : Lee Se Young for the drama Laurel Tree Tailors
  • Variety awards for male : Yang Se Hyung
  • Variety award for female : Park Na Rae

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For BTS fans or A.R.MY , there are much joy in the house . Latest KPOP News about BTS are all about The Bangtan boys flying high including invitations to  attend Billboard Awards in Las Vegas next month .

The awards show will be held on 21st May . BTS is nominated for Top Social Category together with the likes of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez .

It is truly a proud moments for Army fans as this will be the first time nominations for KPOP GROUP from South Korea .

Two of BTS song from their latest album Wings also reach the top of billboard chart , with Not Today stands at no 1 and Fire at no 4 respectively .

Latest news on BTS recently was Donnie Yen spotted at BTS concerts on May 13th

The Hong Kong superstar was spotted wearing brown color polo T and a black cap . The image was posted by BTS fans – @HANBTS ( Twitter Username )

Bangtan boys member’s Jungkook previously admitted during interview that he would very much like to work with the Hong Kong superstar in the future and being a fan of Donnie Yen . Jungkook also said that he would love to learn martial arts from the star as well if the chance arrive .

Last on BTS , Big Hit Entertainment issued a warning regarding the group expected appearance in Billboard Music Awards at Las Vegas later this month .

The statements was more as request by Big Hit Entertainment for fans to respects BTS privacy and refrain from obtaining information about the members via illegal ways .

The statements continues to ask fans not to use such illegal obtained information to invade BTS privacy such as for the purposes of getting on the same plane with BTS members , and constantly taking photos of BTS while inside .

This screenshot from Big Hit Entertainment  explain the best .

The statement was posted May 15th through-out their official Twitter and Facebook accounts . Hopefully Fans will respect their idol wishes and not do anything to further induce stress for the members . We from SkpopNews wishes only the best for BTS members .

Latest Juice on upcoming drama 

latest Kpop news on the drama front  , Bride of Water God will air in July this year . The drama is latest entry from TVN for their summer programs .

Bride Of Water God’s main cast

Bride of water god is based on man-hwa by South Korean mangaka Yun Mi Yung . The story revolve around Soah , a girl from small village suffering from devastating drought . As a custom in this village , the prettiest girl must be scarifies to the water god . Soah , set to become the next water god’s wife ( Habaek ) but she was rescued by Habaek instead and brought to his kingdom .

From there starts the journey of a young girl from poor village to the magical kingdom filled with gods .

The drama is another star studded cast from South Korea starring Nam Joo Hyuk , Shin Se Kyung , Gong Myung and Lim Ju Hwan .

Latest lineup of upcoming drama includes My Sassy Girl – due to air on May 29th on SBS , Duel ( Jun 3rd ) on OCN , Cirlce ( May 22nd ) on TVN , Woman of Dignity ( Jun 16th ) on JTBC , Fight for My Way ( May 22nd ) on KBS and King Loves July 10th ) on MBC

My Sassy Girl is one of The most anticipated drama this year and we expect the rating to soar high on the first day it air . Latest news on the drama includes confirmation about number of episodes – 16 that will broadcast from May 29th to July 18th this year . The Drama is set to air every Monday and Tuesday on 8 p.m time slot on SBS .

Main cast in My Sassy Girl : Korean Star Jon Won , Oh Yeon Seo as Princes Hye Myung , Lee Jung Shin and Kim Yoon Hye

The drama is about love story of Gyun Woo who is a city scholar and  princess Hye-myung in the Joseon Era .

The King Loves – photo credit asianwiki

Other historical drama set to air is The King Loves . The drama will be starring Im shi wan , Yoon Chan yong , Im Yoon ah and Lee seo yun .

It tells the story of young monarch in Goryeo dynasty with ambitions to conquer , his childhood friend Rin and beautiful woman named San who shaped his destiny along the way .

Before we forget , Hyuna recently announced her fan club name to be A-ING . While the name induce lots of discussions , we feel that it suit her since many or her previous works starts with the alphabet A . For example , her many of her mini albums uses the alphabet A as title like Awesome in 2016 , A+ in 2015 and A talk in 2014 .

In shorts , this month The Bangtan Boys , Baeksang awards , Twice , Sulli and PSY have been dominating the headline of Kpop news portal .

This wraps up our long sections for recent and latest Kpop news . Thank you for supporting our site . We will continue to deliver trending and latest Kpop news and all the happening in Kpop world .