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Latest Kpop News and Updates on Top from BigBang

One of the hottest Kpop News around the corner this month is when Top is revealed to had been smoking Marijuana . Today we see the events summary from when the news broke and until now .

The revelations was brought to attention when Korean news media site reported that Top has failed the hair follicle test . Police department then sent the case over to Korean prosecutor department in April . More details have emerged since then .

The whole episode actually started in March when a woman named Han was arrested for smoking Marijuana . When questioned by police on who she was with , one of the name that came up was TOP . This prompted Korean Police department to further their investigations and take samples from Top . The woman was said to be a former Trainee of Jellyfish Entertainment identified as Han Seo Hee .

After the whole story of Top smoking Marijuana events was covered in major news outlet and Kpop News portals , JellyFish Entertainment released a statement to distance the company from Han Seo Hee

YG Entertainment also released a statement due to the Marijuana case , the statement is below .

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

First and foremost, we would like to convey our deepest, most sincere apologies.

After looking into the matter, our company has found that as stated by the media reports and the police, Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P) was charged on suspicion of smoking marijuana before enlisting in the military, and has cooperated in earnest with the investigation. During the investigation, he admitted to most of the charges, and is deeply reflecting on his actions.

Again, we are sorry for causing so many people to worry

Top is fully cooperating with Police in the investigations and he is currently in Deep Reflect over his actions . Now Top is back at his service station after on leave and the bandmaster Ha Man Jin said , Top will likely be assigned as a guard and will be restricted from leaving base and doing other activities. And until a court verdict is out , this is how Top will continue to do his service .

Another details also emerged that Top is not the only Bigbang members to took the test but only his came out positive .