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Latest Kpop News Round Up

Latest in Kpop News this month include the release of G Dragon music Video , charting into Billboard too 100 and the incidents surrounding Big Bang members T.O.P .

Other major Kpop News this month include the release of first T-ara Music Video after the group left only with 4 members and the announcement of BlackPink Comeback .

Kpop News Round Up on Big Bang

G Dragon released his music video to high supports from fans . His single 2014 also manage the All Kill in Kpop charts which means topping no 1 in all 6 major Korean charts . But then , a new controversies surrounding his album arrived . One Major Korean Chart refuse to acknowledge Kwan Ji Yong as an Official Album .

T.O.P was found unconscious and rushed to hospital where he stayed for 4 days in ICU before being transferred to another hospital in South Korea . Major Kpop News site in Korea reported that T.O.P will be treated there until he is fit enough to go home .

News about Han also broke and we manage to find some information about her , and the girl full name is Han So Hee and she was a former Trainee for one Kpop Entertainment Company .

Kpop News Round Up on T-ara 

T-ara music video what’s my name was released yesterday and manage to top Chinese music Chart for the very first day . The music video was the group’s first ever since left with only 4 members .

Kpop News round Up on BlackPink

BlackPink Comeback date was posted in their Facebook Page with caption June 22 . After teasing fans for quite a while on whether the group will or will not be making a comeback in June , finally there was a confirmation .

Taeyon in Hong Kong Persona concert

Kpop News Round Up on Girls Generation

SNSD Taeyon give her Hong Kong fans a glimpse of her bold and playful side when she showed her middle finger during her songs . The song was titled Fuck You . Her Hong Kong concert also was big success and completed with coverage in all major Hong Kong news paper .

Other Kpop News Round Up .

Victoria  from Kpop girl FX group received a shock when Shaquille O’neal proposed to her in a Chinese Game Show . She was fast on her feet and manage to divert the whole incident with her polite answer ” i need to ask my mom permission first ”

Cosmic Girls full album was also released this month . This is the group first ever full length album since their debut .

On the rumors surrounding Korean Actress Yoon Eun Hye dating was denied by her agency stating the whole story was made up and just a misunderstanding .

The second edition of Produce 101 , which was made entirely of boy members opposed to the first edition where all members were girls received high rating and continuous support in South Korea and all over Asia . The show already top rating charts for 10 weeks straight!

And last in our cover , Korean Film Snowpiercer will be made into TV series in USA . The show will be spearheaded by top actress Jennifer Connelly .

This is already our third edition of Kpop news round up where we report trending topic in Kpop news in a single article . Continue supporting us for more Kpop news round up in the future .