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Another day another feature from us on our latest and daily updated KPOP news .

This week alone there are many trending kpop news such as the anticipated Blackpink Comeback , and KPOP concert in Bhutan .

Daily updated Kpop news first feature is a happy ending where for the first time ever , KPOP industry just expand it reach into Bhutan . While Korean music and drama has long been followed , but it is the first time for KPOP concert to be held in the country . The concert VIP attendee includes the Prime Minister of Bhutan .

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And talking about comeback , Please let us remind all the Blackpink fans out there that the group will be making their comeback tomorrow at 6.PM . From their teaser , we expect this time around the first song will be dance theme and hopefully we are right since BlackPink dance song are great .

Latest kpop news update on kim sa rang

Today Daily KPOP news trending topic will be the first ever appearance by South Korean Actress Kim Sa Rang in Variety show . The beautiful actress will be in the upcoming episode of Korean Variety show I live Alone . The actress has been known to dislike appearing in Variety or talk show since she likes to keep her personal life more private . From what we heard , her decision to become a guest on I Live Alone was the work of her best friend  Daniel Henney who convinced her to do so .

Latest Updates on KPOP star Lee Hyo Ri , there was an interview on the show Director  Jung Hyo Min who revealed some inside story about the upcoming show Hyori Bed and Breakfast . The director reportedly said that the show is currently undergoing its editing process and when asked about members interactions , such as IU , he said

IU is a shy person but she and Hyori becomes friends on set quite fast even though their different personalities .

On the Movie front , latest KPOP news regarding Sulli movie , staff members reportedly commented that the movie did feature Sulli explicit scene but refused to say until what extent . The reason being the movie “Real” will released soon and hope fans and movie goers can enjoy the movie without releasing too much details which can be considered as major spoilers .

Before we end our edition of Daily KPOP news update , Twice just released their new music video in Japanese Version of TT . At the time of this news article , their music video already reached more than 200,000 views .

Twice kpop group news update

We hope you like our edition of Daily KPOP news update and please stay tune for our upcoming and newer article .