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Latest BTS interview in Magenta Red Carpet Billboard Awards 2017

BTS arrived at the Magenta Red Carpet of Billboard Awards Show today greeted by huge reaction by fans . BTS , one of the earliest celebrity to arrive , entered the Magenta Red Carpet within the first 10 minutes of the show . After around 1 hour and 30 minutes , finally it is time for the BTS interview . Get the latest scoop of BTS interview at Red Carpet below.

The video is from when BTS entered the Magenta Red Carpet Giving loves to their fans .

During an interview , The host asked BTS how they maintain a strong presence in the Social Media and maintaining their fan base , to which BTS answered

We always be true with their fans , and always shows our feeling

BTS ended the interview with a message to their fans , by saying

I love you and Thank You

Image of BTS from the Magenta Red Carpet Las Vegas


BTS members at Magenta Red Carpet
BTS in a photo shoot at the Magenta Red Carpet Billboard Awards Las Vegas

BTS members looks sharp in swanky Suits and we have to say kudos for the designer team . All in All a happy moments for The Army fans as BTS receive a substantial amount of screen time during the red carpet Billboard awards pre-show .