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Kyuhkun from Super Junior will joined 21 months of military service

After Top from Bigbang , now Kyuhkun from Super Junior is another Kpop Singer in
to join the military service . In South Korea all healthy male must join
military service for 21 month unless stated otherwise by doctor .

Below is Kyuhkun a short message in Twitter for his fans with his new army hair
cut .

“Can’t get used to this. Don’t be sick, don’t cry and stay well , Until we meet
again, good bye for now.”

The above message is translated from Korean .

Kyuhkun nicknamed the Prince of Ballad is the youngest or Maknae in Korean in
Kpop legend group Super Junior . Known for his multi talents , Kyuhkun has
successful careers in many showbiz categories including hosting shows ( MC ) ,
acting and as radio host .