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Kriesha Chu First Filipino American Debut in South Korea

Kriesha Chu who is Filipino American debut as a solo Kpop Artist and draw much attention due to her identity as foreigner and the support for her has been overwhelming .

The K POP Star 6 contestant is the first ever non Korean Solo Artist to debut in South Korean . Meanwhile there are many non Korean in Kpop Group , such as Seventeen and Twice , her debut is set to become a main topic in many Kpop news site and her success will open the door for more non Korean to try their luck in the industry .

Kriesha Chu gain mass following in K POP Star 6 due to her cute visuals , powerful vocal and good dancing skill .

This time around Kriesha debut with two songs , “Trouble” which is produce by Yong Jun Hyung and Kim Tae Ju , and I wish it Were You featuring Yong Junhung .

After we listen to both of the songs , it really sound good and catchy as well .