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KPOP Singer Allegedly involve in Sexual Assault

A KPOP singer from South Korean boy band was involved in allegation of sexual assault recently . According to report , Southern Seoul Police station receive emergency 112 phone call from a woman in Yeoksam-dong , reporting she was raped .

The woman claimed she was raped by the KPOP singer and another man . When Seoul police arrived at the destination , the woman was with another male , but the KPOP singer was not present .

From witness account who drank together with them , the incident did not happened , and denied allegations reported by the woman .

As the moment of this post , investigation is still going on and according to police official , witness account was different from the story reported by alleged victim and they need to listen to both side first .

Currently the name of The KPOP singer remained unknown in order to protect his reputation if the allegation turned out to be untrue .