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Kpop Profile Sohee from ELRIS get to know her

SoHee is one of the 5 members of new Kpop group to debut in June 2017 ELRIS . She represents the Sky of the group as each members of ELRIS represents a different embodiment of natural elements . Let us gets to know more about her .

Full Name : Kim So Hee ( 김소희 )

Glamour Name : SoHee

Name in Hangul : 소희

Date of birth : 31 December 1999 . To be born on December 31 is quite special .

Zodiac Sign : Capricorn

Hometown : Seoul, South Korea

Position : Vocalist

Member Elements : sky

Agency : ELRIS members including Bella are sign under Hunus Entertainment . The home to Jung Seul Gi , and Lion Girls

Sohee Image 

For more of her image , 10 Most Beautiful Image of SoHee


She officially debut as an KPOP idol with a single Spotlight on 17 May 2017

Her Group ELRIS debuts with the Single We First on June 1 2017

Other details about So Hee

She was the runner up for Kpop Star 6 programs the last season of the show . The show was also where the Filipino American Kriesha Chu made her debut .  With So Hee winning the second place in the program , much attention has been paid on her group ELRIS even before their debut .

SoHee is humble and quite apologetic when she debuts first before her members . She said during an interview that the girls train together for years and she felt really sorry to debut first . She went on , “It is fortunate enough to be able to be in a KPOP GROUP and as a solo artist as well” She also Said that promoting together with fellow members brings her more strength .