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Kpop Profile Who is Moon Hyuna

Hyuna is a former Kpop Girls Group 9 muses former member who recently transitioned into solo Artist ( 2017 ) . Not to be confused with Kim Hyuna , her full name is Moon Hyuna .

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Moon Hyuna Profile

Full name : Moon Hyuna . she uses her full to avoid confusion .

Name in Hangul : 문현아

Date of Birth :January 19 1987

Zodiac Sign : Capricorn

Hometown : Yeosu, South Korea

Height : 172 cm

Blood Type : O

Other details about Moon Hyuna

Her solo songs include the Cricket songs and After Midnight released in March 2017 .

She has a younger brother .

She can speak in Korean and Japanese

She has many talents in playing musical instruments including playing Violin and Piano .