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Kpop News Update on group comeback

Latest Kpop News updates on which group will be making their comeback later part this year .

As of now we already seen many comeback including the long awaited Sistar , but unfortunately their comeback also marks Sistar Disbandment . In the month of June , T-ara also just released their comeback song what’s My Name .

So is the successful comeback by G Dragon even though it was marred a bit by some controversies over G Dragon Album .

Now let’s take a look on which Kpop group will be making their upcoming comeback .

Latest and one of the most awaited comeback Blackpink will be on June 22 .

Long awaited Stellar will also be making their KPOP comeback this month , though it might be delayed until early July since we haven’t heard any new announcement from their agency and South Korean KPOP news portal .

South Korean Diva Lee Hyori is confirmed to release new album album next month .

Girl generation also will be making their comeback in the later part of this year .

YongHwa of Cnblue will be back next month with solo album . It has been almost 3 years since he last released an official album .

So is the long time popular KPOP group super Junior . By the way , did you know that Super Junior now has an official Instagram for their group ? Though the group just opened their account this year , they already have 198K followers at the time of this post . Super Junior Instagram username is @superjunior.labelsj .

Long Time South Korean Duo , Clon will be making their KPOP comeback on June 29 this year . We wish the best for the long lasting Duo .

KPOP group Halo is also slated to be coming back on July 6 .

Which one is your most awaited comeback ? By the way make sure to check out the South Korean duo , Clon as their singing style is really impressive .