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KPOP News Site Flaming fans quarrel

What do you think about KPOP news site flaming fans quarrel ? With many Kpop news reporting that fans of what particular group is upset about something .

You can see many these kind of news these day where reporting of “netizen claims” and where fans of group A is hating fans of group B .

We truly believe in Music , you can like more than 1 group or 1 idols and there are no need to framing or blowing up small incidents of some fans remark when majority of KPOP fans does not feel the same .

Just like any Entertainment , in KPOP news , Happening and Catchy title is the most important but what happen if these article in the end caused different group of fans hating each other when clearly it was just numbers that think so ?

Hopefully we will saw less and less from these type of article or news . If you have any thought , feel free to reach us or you can find us in our QnA site as well .