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KPOP Idols and One Piece

Do you know that these KPOP Idols are fans of One Piece ? The highly popular manga reach everyone from Hollywood Megastar to Korean Celebrities. Since you are here, then we can safely assumed you are a fan of KPOP genre. Are you a fan of One Piece as well? Check out our list of KPOP Idols who loves One Piece below.

Kpop Idol in one piece cosplay

When KPOP Idols pose with their One piece collections or cosplaying, they looks even cuter and some even manage to be almost identical to original character. Just like Changmin above who portrayed Ace.

Kim Jong Kook in one piece hat

We are just as surprise when we found out Kim Jong Kook wearing a One Piece Hat. Now who do you think is his bias? Since this was from couple years back, maybe Gol D Roger?

South Korean KPOP Group ViXX’s Kenneth is known to be a big fan of One Piece Universe.

Another Big Fan of One Piece Manga, Solji from Kpop Group EXID . Her bias is of course the cute Copper.

Another Copper fan, Seventeen’s JeongHan. Seventeen is known to be in a lot of cosplay actions especially during fan meetings. Check out our previous post on JeongHan Cosplaying as Harley Quinn

Former KPOP Girls Group 2NE1’s Gong Minzy in a cute cooper hat selfie . The KPOP idols announce her love for One Piece years ago.

Super Junior’s Chang Min totally rocks this ACE cosplay with his awesome body!

Though GD never officially said he is a fan of One Piece, this airport fashion that looks like Luffy definitely deserve a mention here.

What do you think of these KPOP idols who loves One Piece? By the Way, Kim Jong Kook was one of the Original KPOP Idol during the 90s before he joined Reality TV gigs.