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KPOP group T-ara disbandment still in questions and there are no confirmations

There are news That T-ara will disband but all these are still in questions and we haven’t found a source of confirmations .

T-ara had just release their latest album titled What’s My name to huge supports from fans and was recently in a fan meeting promoting their release . Continue to check out T-ara fan meeting photo .

Latest Source dig up by us was confirmation news came out on May 7 after MBK entertainment said the group plan had change and What’s My name will be their last Album . The source was from Wikipedia .

On a side note , We did not found the original article by MBK hence the disbandment is actually still in questions .

The story began when when 2 members contract ends and decided not to renew , and the remaining members , Hyomin , Jiyeon , Qri and Eunjung contract will end on December this year .

For these 8 years , T-ara has been with many ups and downs and the group survived and even become stronger and breach overseas market . We believe even after the disbandment of T-ara , the members will continue to flourish and if the group continue to soldier on , we are even happier as the group has leave  remarkable marks in the KPOP industry .