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Kpop Group Marmello profile and details .

Marmello is a five member female Kpop Group that debuted on May 24 2017 . The group was under the company Rolling CultureOne . The group debuted into Kpop scene with their first single “Puppet” . The group is quite special in the Korean Entertainment because the members can play musical instrument like drum and guitar . All this elements are incorporated in their Single Puppet which effectively make the group being called a “band” as well .

The Group members list

  • Kim Hyu Na (김현아)
  • Choi Youna (최유나)
  • Kim Doeun (김도은)  Her Popular name is Do-eun
  • Jeon Gaeun (전가은)
  • Yoon Daeun (윤다은 )  Her popular name is Da-eun

Marmello music Video

Marmello Social Media 

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Marmello Member’s profile and Details

marmello hyuna profile photo

Kim Hyu Na

Popular name : Hyuna (현아)

Date of Birth : January 18th , 1997

Zodiac Sign : Capricorn

Height :165cm

Instrument or roles : Vocalist

Hobbies and Favorite : Watching Movies and Work out , Singing , dancing and taking photograph.

Dislike : Carrot ( vegetable )

marmello yuna

Choi Youna (최유나)

Popular name : Yuna (유나)

Date of Birth : June 14th , 1996

Zodiac Sign : Gemini

Height : 163 cm

Instrument or roles : Guitarist

Hobbies and Favorite : Playing Games and Skiing and she like Chocolates

Dislike : Spicy Food

Kim Do Eun Marmello profile

Kim Doeun (김도은 )

Popular name : Doeun (도은)

Date of Birth : July 15th , 1996

Zodiac Sign : Cancer

Height : 160 cm

Instrument or roles : Bass Player

Dislike : Seaweed , scary things like Horror movies .

Other : She love the makes music that makes everyone happy , and her favorite musician is the British Band Cold Play .

Yoon Daeun (윤다은)

Popular name : Daeun (다은)

Date of Birth : October 2nd, 1996

Zodiac Sign : Libra

Height : 169 cm

Instrument or roles : Keyboard

Hobbies and Favorite : Listening to Music and Watching Movies

Dislike : being alone

Jeon Gaeun kpop profile marmello

Jeon Gaeun (전가은)

Popular name : Gaeun (가은)

Date of Birth : October 8th , 1996

Height : 162 cm

Zodiac Sign : Libra

Instrument or roles : Drummer

Hobbies and Favorite : Sunny Weather and she likes to eat .


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