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KPOP Group BlackPink Hottest and Sexiest Fashion

BlackPink is one of the hottest new KPOP group and in term of sexiness , Blackpink really hits the high marks . Debuted last year , the group trendy fashion has taken all over the internet by storm .

Check out some of Blackpink members hottest and sexiest fashion below .

BlackPink hottest fashion – Jennie 

Jennie sexy black and white

jennie and jisoo hot

Blackpink Jennie and Jisoo looks stunningly hot and sexy in this short jeans fashion . Jennie with the fishnet add on is just fantastic . On the other hand , Jisoo rugged and torn jean jacket looks trendy and breakthrough a new styling .

BlackPink Jennie sexy (4)

Don’t Jennie fashion from these promotion teaser looks like work out outfit in Japanese school ? If you are a fan of manga , then we surely you are familiar with the fashion as well . Check out out other sexy Jennie fashion .

BlackPink hottest fashion – Jisoo

jisoo cute and beautiful

Doesn’t Jisoo looks cute in this performance dress ? Blackpink Jisoo have a very special visual where she looks elegant even without trying .

And when elegant meet black and white , the outcome is this , simply sexy Jisoo . Notice the bell bottom sleeve end ? it is one of the hottest and trending fashion looks in Thailand for almost two years . The outfit also gave rise to many different kind of design with almost similar looks with the over shoulder and huge sleeve end fashion apparel .

BlackPink hottest fashion – Rose

blackpink jisoo very sexy performance dress

Blackpink Rose Hot and sexy (2)

Blackpink Rose Hot and sexy (1)

Blackpink Rose Hot and sexy (3)

We simply love the rainbow inspired color in this Rose get up . Blackpink Rose looks stunningly sexy in this one piece dress .

BlackPink hottest fashion – Lisa

lisa sexy fashion

Blackpink Lisa performance dress is superbly sexy and the whole fishnet idea is just fantastic .

lisa sexy debut

Lisa sexy performance dress

lisa sexy and hot

And then we have this , the shiny sexy fashion . The leopard print match perfectly well with the golden colored skirt .