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Korean Drama Bride of The Water God First Look

Take the first look at one of this year most anticipated Korean Drama Bride of The Water God .

Bride of the Water God received much attention and hype even from last year due to Popular leading cast which consist of Nam Joo-Hyuk , Shin Se-Kyung , Lim Ju-Hwan , Krystal and Gong Myung .

The romantic fiction story was based on manhwa by Yun Mi-kyung released in 2006 .

The image poster and first look of the Drama ,

Shin Se Kyung BRide of the water god

Shin Se Kyung will be playing the role of Psychiatrist Yoon So A

Nam Joo-Hyuk - Ha Baek

Nam Joo-Hyuk will be playing the role of Water God Ha Baek

Kristal bride of the water god

Krystal from KPOP girl group FX will be playing the role of MooRA

Lim Ju-Hwan will be playing the role of Hoo Ye

Gong Myung - Bi Ryum

And finally Gong Myung will be playing the role of Bi Ryum

bride of the watergod couple skpopnews

The romantic couple – Ha Baek and his bride . Nam Joo-Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung Strolling in a field holding hand .

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The Drama Bride of the water God will be on air on July 3rd this year . Make sure to tick this drama in your must watch Korean Drama List .

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