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Korean Actress Clara Lee Airport Fashion

Second edition from our airport fashion , today we brings you Clara Lee airport fashion .

If you are a fan of Korean Movie or Korean Entertainment scene in general then you will know that KOrean Actress Clara Lee is one fashionable celebrities . Her style is followed by many since she always manage to show off some trendy get up .

This time around , going to airport , we can see that she goes for comfortable and less blink blink , but Clara Lee still manage to win us with her fashion sense .

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If you are not familiar with Clara Lee , she was a South Korean Actress and Models who starred in Korean Version of Some Like It Hot , and she was also featured in Jay Park music Video , Joah in 2013 .

Korean Actress Clara Lee Airport Fashion

We absolutely love her simple yet fashionable get up here , Jeans material Jacket and short pants with Pink colored shades . Oh , her handbag is pink as well .